Aalimiyyah Studies

The Alimiyyah course is designed to foster a spiritual and intellectual growth within all students. It provides an in-depth study of the Islamic way of life, drawn from several interpretations of the Quran and Hadith. The students are taught to master the Arabic language to fully understand the texts of the Quran and Hadith. The course involves the study of numerous texts which cover all aspects of Islam, including a detailed study of arabic grammar, language, hadeeth, jurisprudence, tafseer of quraan and Tajweed.

The first two years of Alimiyyah study are the most important years, as they build the foundation and allow students to have a sound understanding and a grasp of the Arabic language in all areas. It assists the students to independently study Arabic texts as well as recognizing basic laws which will be further studied intensively when studying various texts.

The Aalim/Aalima course is a six-year comprehensive program when attending full-time.  At Madaniyya Academy, we aim to provide a strong academic education alongside a comprehensive Aalim/Aalima program.  For this reason, while your child is completing high school, the Aalim/Aalima program will be a part-time program and they will complete 2 years of this program.  Therefore, the complete first 2 years of the Aalim/Aalimah program will be completed in 4 years and the remaining 4 years of the program will be completed full-time.

We are also offering an option for those who do not do high school at Madaniyya Academy. They can join the Aalim/ah class only. We are also offering this course for adults who want to study.

During the course of studies, the students will study the following:

  • Arabic Grammar (Syntax and Morphology)
  • Arabic Literature (Speech, Composition, and Rhetoric)
  • Islamic Beliefs (‘Aqidah)
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh)
  • Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
  • ‘Ulum al-Hadith (Sciences of Hadith Interpretation)
  • Hadith (Prophetic Traditions)
  • Usul al-Tafsir (Principles of Exegesis)
  • Tafsir al-Quran (Exegesis)
  • Sirah (Prophetic Biography)
  • Tajweed (Correct pronunciation of Quran)
  • Practice Public speech

All courses are taught in English. Students are not required to have any prior knowledge of the Arabic language before they embark on this course. However, students need to be a Hafiz of Quran or have completed Maktab syllabus (Tasheel/ An-nasihah Books or any other similar equivalent) and should be able to read from the Quran fluently.

Class Timing

5:00PM – 7:30PM